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Spring came early this year! Now we are starting the second year of NIG Biodiversity. Let's enjoy the nature, and please submit photos of anything interesting you find! In this project, we collect photos of any wild life forms found in the NIG campus.

NIG Biodiversity Spring 2024

Status: Open for submissions. Ending on May 31, 2024.

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How to participate:

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What happens next?

This is not a contest

Our focus here is more on the nature than on photography. Instead of a contest, we see it as a collaborative project on the boundary of science, art, education, and nature conservation. Without competition, anyone can participate, free from judgement or comparison.


Same like before, there will be prizes, distributed via a random lottery among the entries. So, submitting 5 photos will increase your chance of winning something.

Please contact organizers with any questions, comments, or suggestions.